Friday, December 2, 2011

Fairy Tale Christmas

 This afternoon while playing with her nativity set, Abby brought forth every Christmas figure we own-- from masses of shepherds and wise men and donkeys and sheep to Santas and snowmen and elves--to see the Baby Jesus. Actually, to see the two Baby Jesuses (we have two different nativity sets).

I like the idea of these two Christmas worlds colliding in front of the manger because, in fact, there's great truth in the idea of all Christmas traditions finding their meaning in the incarnation of Love.

But I think my favorite hybridization of the commercial and the holy came when she asked me to get "the Cinderella angel and the Belle angel" so I could set them up in front of the manger. Confused at first, I looked at the figures and realized one angel was blonde-haired with a blue gown (Cinderella) and the other was brunette with a yellow gown (Belle). Clarity.

Ah, the glorious mind of a four-year-old, where no detail is inconsequential and where every story is part of the Story.
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