Saturday, October 3, 2009


This morning at breakfast, Josh and I were asking Ben about his field trip to Mt. Falcon, where the kids hike every fall with their classmates, identifying the rocks and trees and shrubs and flowers as either living or non-living while they marvel at a section of forest that was burned in a forest fire, conquer a hill that would leave any adult winded (though perhaps not at the ambling pace of these easily-intrigued three, four, and five year olds), and collect acorns from the ground around the oaks.

Curious, I asked Ben who he played with during the hike, and he mentioned two boys in his class. One of the boys shares a name with a new boy who joined the class this year, so Josh asked which one he meant.

"The old one," Ben replied.

Attempting to make a joke, Josh quipped, "How do you keep them straight?"

Ben looked at him with a bit of confusion--as if the answer were obvious--and then explained in all sincerity, "They have different heads."

At which point Josh and I glanced at each other with silent giggles and then responded with a serious, "Oh, of course."

Life through the lens of a four year old is utterly charming.


  1. I love this Shaundra! We have had so many similar moments. It just keeps getting better!

  2. Thanks, Shelly! The more they're able to express, the more entertaining this parenting gig becomes. I love getting glimpses into their minds! It does keep getting better and better...


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