Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All in a Day...

Today, Abby and I had the car washed and the grocery shopping completed by 10 a.m.

Today, Abby, nervous about the loud sounds and darkened windows at the car wash, bravely held my hand as I explained what was happening--and did not cry.

Today, Abby took her shoes and socks and barrette off in the car as we drove to the park, a problem for me who ends up replacing her shoes a half dozen times in an outing, and was unable to replace them herself.

Today, Abby and I did not get to enjoy the glorious sunshine at the park before we picked-up Ben because I am no longer putting shoes on after we leave the house, and we cannot enjoy the still-muddy park barefoot.

Today, my heart ached for Abby's disappointment--and mine.

Today, I second-guessed whether the consequence would be effective, or just crushing.

Today, Ben drew his first picture of our family, in which the two lines and a circle representing him are trying to hug the two lines and a circle representing me.

Today, while we were driving home, Ben asked Abby to please stop making spitting noises because it makes him worry that she's spitting at him.

Today, Abby said, "Oh," and stopped.

Today, Abby continues her nap strike for the third day in a row.

Today, Abby knew that if she layed down, she would fall asleep, so she spent all of nap time standing.

Today, Ben's little lion did not weather his trip through the washer and dryer as uneventfully as assumed: the once-soft and fluffy mane now resembles a matted helmet.

Today, Ben was so disappointed and heartbroken about his lion's altered appearance, he asked not to sleep with it at nap time.

Today, I had the thought, I hope I'm never maimed--what would Ben think then? And would I be strong enough to handle his reaction?

Today, I'm very much looking forward to my spin class at 4:00.

Today, I wonder how early I will have to put Abby to bed and if the early bedtime will only prolong the time it takes for her to adjust to the wretched time change.

Today, Ben suggested we play the "snuggle" game and then rested his little body next to mine on the floor and pulled Josh close to drink his juice.

Today, I love my children to pieces.

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