Friday, April 9, 2010

Heard 'Round Here Lately

Benjamin: "Jeeps can drive off-road."
Mommy: "You're right: they can drive off-road."
Benjamin: "When are we going to get a Jeep?"
Mommy: "I don't know if we will.  We've never been off-roading, though it sounds fun."
Benjamin: "Well, when I grow up I'm going to buy a Jeep.  And then you and Daddy will have to get two more kids because we won't be your kids anymore."
Mommy: "Well, you'll always be our kids, even when you're grown up.  But do you think someday I could go for a ride with you in your Jeep?"
Benjamin: (Big Smile). "Yeah, and you can bring Daddy and Abby, too.  Then you can get a little car like the [Corvette] we saw yesterday because you won't need a row for our car seats.  But you won't be able to drive that to the airport because the luggage wouldn't fit.  You could probably take the silver car instead."


Abigail: "I yike my fower barrettes thah I goht fuhr Eee-stir."
Mommy: "I'm so glad! Why do you like them?"
Abigail: "Be-cohs they're so, so pink."


Benjamin: "The sun is like a towel for the snow."


Abigail: "Mommy, I very yuhv Mehr-yoh."  


(Before his haircut at the new barber shop yesterday where he's been once before)

Benjamin: "Mommy, why doesn't Ms. Carolyn talk very much when she's cutting my hair?"
Mommy: "I don't know, Sugar.  Some people like to be quiet, but you could always ask her questions if you want to talk."

(After haircut)

Mommy: "I see what you mean about Ms. Carolyn not talking very much.  Which do you prefer: having your hair cut by someone who asks a lot of questions or having it cut by someone who's quiet?"
Benjamin: "I like people who ask a lot of questions, like Mr. Irv."


Abigail to Merlot upon sitting (sounding most Italian): "Whaht uh guh-duh gihhhhrl!"

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