Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Beautiful Mind

As I watched on the monitor during nap time a few days ago, I saw Ben rolling up and down his bed, practicing donkey kicks, and trying all manner of four-year-old gymnastics. Since he had seemed pretty sleepy before he went to bed, I decided to check on him, hoping a little encouragement from me and getting tucked in once more might help.

"Hey, Bug," I said, "It seemed like you were pretty tired earlier. Do you think you could try to fall asleep? Do you remember how? Lay still, stay quiet, and close your eyes?"

"But Mommy," he said, "There's too much talking and music in my head. I keep hearing music!" He was emphatic about the music point.

"Oh. Yeah, that happens to me sometimes," I empathized. "Can you try turning the music off?"

He didn't hesitate: "But Mom, when I turn the music off, it goes to commercials!"

What does one say to that, exactly?

So I chuckled to myself, wished him luck, and left--not doubting for a second the constant hum of activity in his mind, grateful for the music in his soul.

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