Monday, May 24, 2010


Our limiting factors are changing: from two little people we call Ben & Abby to things like time, other responsibilities, and garages that need cleaning out.  It's glorious.

On Saturday, we biked dozens of miles with the kids in trailers, and for the first time, we wore out before their attention spans.   On Sunday, we managed to walk all the way around Evergreen Lake at their request without multiple "rests," tears, or other complaints.  Even Merlot managed to use her nose with moderation, and while she was happy to greet any party willing to say hi, she was also able to walk by when necessary.   All five of us enjoyed our time from start to finish.  Monumental.

I hope I'm not speaking prematurely when I say it feels like we've arrived.  Or, at the very least, are arriving.  We're getting to do things together as a family without the sense that we're racing some invisible clock of the kids' interest or energy.  It seems we're on the cusp of a golden era in childhood (and canine ownership).

Maturity is the word of the moment.  The kids are maturing.  (Merlot is maturing).  I can see it grow and develop by the day.  More confidence.  Less dependence.  More patience.  Less immediate need.  More awareness of both self and others.  Less blind demand.  More appreciation for the adventure of time together.  More trust of us and our ability to craft fun.  More interest in the world around them and in developing their ability to navigate it.

As we reached the end of our walk, I said, "Ben, you're getting stronger!  You've made it all the way around the lake without needing any breaks!"

"Yeah.  Last time when we walked with Rebecca, I had to stop a lot, but I'm getting stronger.  I've been exercising."

Later, he told Josh he wanted to walk around the lake three times next time.

Confidence.  Growth.

And maturity.

Oh, the visions of summer fun floating through my mind.  


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